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… of the Car-Negotiator

Welcome to the official website

… of the Car-Negotiator

The Car-Negotiator

Columbus’ Egg

Usually, when you are looking for another vehicle (new or used), you start surfing the internet. Very often, this process is rather frustrating: you find an overload of information and instead of finding answers, you start getting even more confused. For example, you cannot find the answers to the following questions:

  1. Is it the first owner who is offering the vehicle?
  2. Are the prices reasonable, and competitive?
  3. Is all the relevant documentation available and filled in properly?
  4. Is the mileage accurate and trustworthy?
  5. Has the car suffered any damages or (major) repairs or has it been re-sprayed?
  6. What is the current price of my own car?
  7. Can the car be traded in?
  8. Is it better to have my own car sold?
  9. What surplus-amount am I supposed to pay (when trading in my car)?
  10. Do I feel comfortable and am I sufficiently knowledgeable to handle the complete process and documentation?
The Car-Negotiator will assist you during the complete buying- and or selling process(es); I will gladly take over the mediation process with prospective buyers or sellers; naturally only after you have given your permission to go ahead. The Car-Negotiator is very experienced and has the professional knowledge to assess the actual value of the car and whether the car’s history matches the details mentioned in the advertisement. The Car-Negotiator can also help you to buy across the border, e.g. in Germany. I will handle the complete legal import process (paperwork and duties) of the vehicle. This will enable you to stay within your budgetary limits and save you money that can be used for other purposes. But even more important, the Car-Negotiator ensures that your car meets all your specific requirements. And isn’t that what you really need? Speaking about a brilliant solution: Columbus’ egg!

The Car-Negotiator’s way of working

Here you can find the process, step by step: how the Car-Negotiator can help you find a ‘new’ car (really new or used):

Based on your requirements and wishes I can provide you with a pre-selection of suitable cars. If you wish, you can propose a car you found yourself.
In case my pre-selection coincides with the car you are ‘dreaming’ of I will actually go and meet with the prospective seller, of course after you have given permission to proceed.
During the meeting, the Car-Negotiator carries out an overall check of the vehicle. The car will be inspected: both the exterior and interior. Likewise, all documentation and booklets are checked and assessed.
If everything is found to be in order I will take the car for a test drive. If the test drive is satisfactory as well, the Car-Negotiator will start negotiations with the seller, taking into account all details and possible secondary conditions.
Then it is up to you: do you want to close the deal or not?
If the deal is closed the Car-Negotiator ensures that the contract, set up by the seller, includes all the (secondary) conditions and details that were discussed, before you proceed to sign the document.
If all is in order you can sign the contract and you will be the proud owner of your new ‘dream car’.
In case you bought your car abroad, the Car-Negotiator will provide you with a temporary car-insurance and will help you with all the formalities related to importing your ‘dream car’.

The Car-Negotiator’s way of working as Advisor or Negotiator

You can engage the Car-Negotiator to enter into contact and negotiate with the prospective buyer or seller on your behalf.
The Car-Negotiator’s goal is to provide you with a sharp, but fair deal. It is my mission to have a spotless reputation in the car branch, as a professional and most of all a fair entrepreneur and helping to enhance the public image of the car branch in general. The Car-Negotiator will assist you when buying or selling a car, from start to finish. That implies, that I allow my counterpart to earn his fair share as well, thus not endangering any guarantees or secondary conditions that can harm you, as a customer, afterwards.

Going abroad with the Car-Negotiator?

Did you spot your ideal car abroad? In that case the Car-Negotiator can help you as well, providing you with valuable and useful advice. Together with the Car-Negotiator, you cross the border and, with your permission, I will take care of the whole negotiating process, you will be unburdened. I am fluent in Dutch, English and German, and other languages like Spanish shouldn’t be a problem either.

Furthermore, the Car-Negotiator can also take care of transport and import (paperwork and duties) of your new car and any obligatory vehicle inspections, registration and license plates and possible additional taxes. Naturally, there is an additional fee for this service, which will be agreed with you before starting the process.

How much do I pay the Car-Negotiator?

Considering that the Car-Negotiator’s mission is to be open, clear and transparent about fees.*

Successful selling mediation.

€ 450,-

Successful buying mediation and advice in the Netherlands.

€ 600,-

*all fees are without VAT

Successful buying mediation outside the Netherlands.

€ 850,-

It is of no importance whether you buy or sell a vehicle worth  €5.000, – or €100.000, –

Hence, it is of no importance whether you buy or sell a vehicle worth Euro 5.000, – or Euro 100.000, -. Neither does the fee depend on the financial benefits the Car-Negotiator negotiated on your behalf. You, as a customer of the Car-Negotiator, enjoy all the obtained financial advantages. The above fees cover the whole buying, – or selling process, from end-to-end. In case you want to stop the buying, – or selling process, the Car-Negotiator will charge a fee of Euro 150, – to cover expenses. 

*All fees are without VAT

What other Customers say

One of my customers, who knew about The Car-Negotiator, by word of mouth, shared his experience after a successful mediation: ‘The Car-Negotiator recently advised and assisted me selling my old car and importing a used car (nearly new) from Germany. I would like to share my experience with you. This way of buying and selling a car, was completely new to me. I had been used to buying and selling my cars from the same dealer, for years; and always the same brand. Therefore, this new process was somewhat thrilling and exciting.

Some customer reviews following succesful deals

How to get in touch with the Car-Negotiator

You can contact the Car-Negotiator by phone: +31(0)651503906 or you can send an email to: info@autoonderhandelaar.nl


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